Doctor’s Orders Series

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BABIES in the BARGAIN: Problems separated them seven years ago. Can an orphan baby bring them back together? “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy” in the NICU.

“Babies in the Bargain Displays Three Areas of Excellence:
1. Very Strong Emotional writing.
2. All pervasive centrality of the romantic relationship.
3. A high level of medical expertise essential to the plot.” ~Vince

“WHAT A VERY CUTE STORY. I totally enjoyed this story. You really get to run the gambit of emotions. Sadness, frustration, anger, happiness & joy. There is a whole lot to laugh about that is for sure.”  ~ 5CandyPop9

RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN: What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms? A comedy novel set in France.

“What a wonderfully crafted medical romance story. This is a must read. If you like it then I also recommend “Babies in the Bargain” and “No More Lies”. Have fun reading this wonderful author’s works. They are truly art in words.” ~ PolgaraBel

“This book gives you hospital drama, romance, and is a travelogue, too. I’ll gladly read more by this author.” ~ andylsmith

NO MORE LIES: A lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears? Secrets and second chances with humor.

“Lies can get tangled. But sometimes there is a good reason. Two former lovers meet again. The story has strong emotional currents with ups and downs.” ~ Awesome Book

“Risk’s engaging plot pulls the reader effortlessly into the story. Risk handles the subject with grace and sensitivity. The characters are wonderfully complex and dynamic… Risk’s writing is easy to read and pulls on the heartstrings. “No More Lies” presents a problem many face today.”  ~ Sally Pink Reviews


3 Responses to Doctor’s Orders Series

  1. Di says:

    Hi this is the first time I have done this but I just wanted to say today I finished
    reading Doctors Orders on my Kindle and enjoyed it very much. I have also recomended it to a friend

    Thanks for a great read

    • monarisk says:

      Thank you so much, Di. You made my day. In fact I am now writing only because made readers asked me to do so and demanded a story for some secondary characters. Thank you again.

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