Love Plans Series

Twenty-years ago

To celebrate the ninety-fifth birthday of George Winston, the family patriarch, his sons Carl and Ludwig threw a big party and invited their own children and grandchildren. Old George, still alert and as acerbic and facetious as he’d been in his youth, responded to the birthday wishes with a speech to his offspring and made them play a game. He displayed a card with the word PLANS.

“I want you, kids, to have a goal and succeed in life. For that purpose, you need to have plans. Pull a card and show us what your plans are to reach your dream.”

To start the game, his oldest grandson, Dr. Steve Winston, pulled a card from the box held by the old man.

“I have SAILING on my card,” Steve declared.

“SAILING PLANS for you, Steve. Will you be able to execute this plan?”

“Maybe. It’d be a nice dream to sail far away.”

The great-grandchildren followed suit, pulling a card from the box.

“Show us your cards, kids.”

The children waved their cards. The parents read and laughed.

“Here are the results,” George announced. “DATING PLANS for Matt Winston and KISSING PLANS for his little brother Royce. RESCUE PLANS for Rafael Lopez and HEALING PLANS for Jason Randal. BABY PLANS for Audrey Kent, WEDDING PLANS for her brother Tyler, and FAMILY PLANS for her brother Tim. NO VACATION PLANS for toddler Denise Lambert and LAST-CHANCE PLANS for her baby brother Rick, etc…”

“These are fun plans, Poppop,” ten-year-old Matt commented.

“I will not be around, but I’ll be watching you from up there.” The old man lifted a finger to the sky. “I hope you can carry out your plans and fulfill your dreams.”

And so each of the great-grandchildren had a story to tell.

Sailing Away Plans: The successful surgeon quits work to start a new life in the Caribbean, on his new boat and in a new clinic, but love strikes at the wrong…or right time.

“Mona Risk’s Sailing Away Plans is the first story in this unique series. A well-crafted romance, with authentic characters (Steve and Lillian), nice plot twists, and a believable resolution… A page turning end of summer read romance that smolders.” ~ Deutsche OMA

“Once I started reading I just couldn’t put this book down. It has a great story line and wonderful characters…Check out this book you will be glad you did. Can’t wait for the next one to come out.” ~ Phylis Carpenter

“This is a well told novella that will keep you reading to see how Ms. Risk brings things to a very satisfactory conclusion.” ~ Bernadette Cinkoske

Dating Plans: Attraction sizzles between a divorced surgeon and a psychologist with a challenging daughter. Things get more difficult when the teenager’s father returns.

“Mona Risk’s Dating Plans is a well-crafted romance, with authentic characters, unexpected plot twists, and a believable resolution. ~ Deutsche OMA

“Really enjoyed this story and fell in love with the great cast of characters. Check it out. I think you will enjoy it too.” ~ Phylis Carpenter

Rescue Plans: Arianna fought hard to escape the slums and become a nurse. Captain Lopez taught her to conquer fear. Can he help her forget the scum from the past and win her trust?

“This is a good read. Lots of adventure, drama, and romance. It is an entertaining as well as interesting read. I enjoyed the story and definitely recommend it.” ~ Gatorfan

“Another great story. This one kept me on my toes throughout the whole story. Two lost and scared hearts finding each other and a baby that heals them both. On to the next book in this series. I really enjoy this author.” ~ Kindle Customer

Wedding Plans: Will the doctor make the right decision between an angry fiancée and a medical emergency?

“A sweet read. The little girl was such a cutie, no wonder the gorgeous doctor fell for her and her mother.” ~ D. Dent from Australia

“This is a cute story that you won’t want to miss. I just love this series and this book is one is probably my favorite so far.” ~ Phylis Carpenter

Baby Plans: Competing colleagues and past lovers, they meet at the artificial insemination clinic. Zach is researching the procedure for his article. Audrey is secretly getting a baby. When her secret explodes, all hell breaks loose, but artificial insemination works in many ways…

“Another winning story. Again I felt like I knew these characters. The way the two related to each other with mistrust is so typical of most couples who broke up and then got back together. I look forward to the rest of the stories in this series.” ~ Kindle Customer

Kissing Plans: He’s been her best friend for ten years. She regrets agreeing to an arranged marriage and he promised to help her, only to realize he can’t let go of her.

“Entertaining, Fun storyline, good characters, best friends, turn to lovers, fun ROM com. Engagement story gone wrong, happy ending.” ~ Beatrice Followill (Goodreads)

Family Plans: The plane crash devastated two families and revealed illicit secrets. Can a better future rise from the ashes at Christmas times?

“This is one of those stories that you can’t put down once you start reading. It’s a heartwarming and touching story.” ~  B (Amazon Reader)

Healing Plans: Love and passion can work miracles for a widowed surgeon, with two adopted minority children and a lovely surgeon dedicated to her career.

No Vacation Plans: A jack of all trades and biracial lawyer, Damien fights discrimination to survive. Can he win the heart of the pretty blonde Denise, a travel agent, who dreams of cruising with him?

Last Chance Plans: At twenty, he ran away to escape nasty accusations. Now mature and powerful, he confronts his enemies to clear his name. Will it cost him the woman he loves?

We’re Survivors: The Chief of ER is perfectly happy with his medical career until the new nurse practitioner turns his life upside down.

We’re All Heroes: To save three small Ukrainian children, their mother, and a wounded major, a neurosurgeon and a flight attendant risk more than their love.

We’re No Saints: A young widow with difficult teenagers and a company to manage. A charming lawyer with a bucket load of secrets that could hurt her.

We’re All Winners: Scheming people and secrets separated them. A toddler and a German shepherd may bring them together again.

We’re All Together: Would a hurricane and two small kids teach Greg and Heidi the true meaning of love?