Modern Princes Series

Modern Princes Series:

A Bride For Prince Paul:

She can’t abandon her patients for his crown!

“Mona Risk has written another winner. Prince Paul is handsome and noble, and Amy is a dedicated doctor. Enjoy the sights of Paris and France, while reading this heartwarming romance.” ~

A Bodyguard For The Princess:

A murder at Harvard in Princess Chloe’s student building.

“A murder mystery with a princess incognito in the halls of Harvard, no less, A clever setting, a ‘keep you guessing to the end’ storyline, and engaging characters.” ~

Jingle With My Princess:

The doc and the princess… He saves lives but Princess Charlene may save his heart.

“A charming holiday read featuring the handsome Dr. Scott Pratt, and Charlene, a beautiful princess. Mona writes an enchanting Christmas tale set on exotic Rensy island.” ~

Prince Philip’s Cinderella:

A charming jogger saves her from danger. But he’s a prince… and she comes from nothing. Should she run or risk her heart?

“A page turning modern Cinderella story, an emotionally charged story that deals with modern day problems: drug addiction, verbal and physical abuse,  stealing an inheritance,…” ~

A Dance for Prince Eric: A ballerina with a promising career on the run for her brother’s sake. A charismatic prince who saved them both. Do fairytales exist?

“A heartfelt romance between a talented dancer and a Prince…two likeable souls and a unique plot… a love story with a good dose of drama, steam, engaging characters, and a happy ending.” ~