International Romance

To Love A Hero

Dr. Cecile Lornier is an ambitious chemist who fought hard to win and keep her first international contract. When she travels to Belarus to coordinate the environmental cleanup, she literally starts her contract on the wrong foot as she stumbles on the broken escalator at the airport. When a muscular chest cushions her fall, she finds more chemistry than she bargains for in the arms of the handsome Major General of Belarus.

General Sergei has pledged to clean his country of the pollution left by the Chernobyl disaster. With a glass of vodka in his hand and the lovely Cecile nestled in his arms, Sergei has more on his mind now than nuclear pollution, and Cecile soon learns that chemicals are not the only things that generate heat.

The general doubts he can fulfill his mission if he surrenders his heart, while Cecile fights his chauvinistic officers to perform her contract. Can she betray his trust to
save his career? Would her love cost him everything he values?

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An American scientist trips on an escalator, in a foreign country, and lands in the arms of the Major General. Sparks fly and moments later they learn they will be working together. The author has written a compelling love story of romance, scandal, friendship, bravery and a mans quest to make his country safer for it’s citizens. ~Snow wench

Very intriguing and kept u wandering what happens next inspiring too and so romantic have read twice and still enjoy it. ~ Maxine Oats

This book was so different from what I usually read, it was amazing. A beautiful story with believable characters. A first read by Mona Risk and I shall read more from her in the future. ~Bishop 

The Missing Statue

A summer job in France with room and board in a chateau owned by a handsome count. Can it get any better for Cheryl Stewart? The graduate student in Architecture is now officially on a mission for her sick professor.

Count François can’t hide his disappointment when Cheryl arrives instead of the eminent professor. But the aristocratic playboy is not one to turn away a beautiful young woman. He allows her to manage the restoration of the chateau’s chapel while keeping his search for a valuable historical statue a secret from the other students working on the project.

Soon things deteriorate. The professor is poisoned, the chateau’s butler attacked and Cheryl’s room burglarized. When Cheryl’s summer job changes into a romantic involvement and dangerous treasure hunt, Count François is faced with a difficult choice. Is the priceless statue worth jeopardizing the safety of the impetuous young woman who has stolen his heart?

The French Count — New Edition: The Missing Statue

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Her French Count is a great romance with an excellent mystery. ~Publishers’ Weekly

This is a wonderfully exciting romantic suspense novel. The characters are appealing and the setting is very romantic, a chateau in the Loire Valley. There is an interesting cast of characters. The plot is full of action and the reader is never sure who is on the side of good or evil. ~ Romance Studio

Murder, mystery, and intrigue seem to follow Cheryl as she assists Francois on his project. A great contemporary romantic read. ~Review Your Book

Mona Risk brings old-fashioned romance back into style… full of mystery and intrigue.  I loved Ms. Risk’s injection of humor into the story. A sweet mystery romance you’re guaranteed to enjoy. ~ Two Lips Review

Ms. Risk does a nice job of building the relationship between the main characters while exploring the mystery of the lost statue. ~ Simply Romance Review

Mona Risk will pull you in with her amazing characters and in-depth twisting suspense. She takes armchair travel to whole new heights as her characters travel to their heart wrenching and spine tingling doom.~ Night Owl Romance Book Reviews

A great romance with an excellent mystery. The instant attraction is met with a slow and sure build up of emotions. The couple are very complementary, compelling, and wonderfully romantic. ~Coffee Time Romance

Her Greek Tycoon

When Greek tycoon Stefano decides to demolish the dilapidated villa inherited from his grandmother, the American co-owner refuses to sell his shares and sends his attorney—and pretty granddaughter—to contest the demolition. To check out the opposition before he faces at the hearing, Stefano meets her incognito and convinces her to take a sunset ride on his yacht. Sparks fly and passion sizzles during a memorable night.

In court, Ashley is in for a nasty surprise about her handsome Greek god and Stefano is about to lose the only woman who’s ever touched his heart. Will Stefano be able to convince Ashley he’s not the enemy anymore?

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It’s like a Mini Vacation! Mona Risk Creates a ‘New Subgenre’: The `Highly Romantic’ Romance! ~ Vince

This is the perfect read for a hot lazy day. It’s easy to read, it’s got a beautiful setting, and the characters are perfect for the story.  ~ C. Cochrane-Davies

Heal My Heart

HEAL MY HEART (Previously An Unusual Christmas)
Running away from Christmas celebrations and the demons of her past, Dr. Jillian has dedicated her life to saving third-world children.

In a faraway country, a handsome doctor may teach her the true meaning of Christmas, with the help of a baby girl and four little boys.

As Jillian and Fyodor work together for six months in his hospital, their fascination with one another surprises them both. Can attraction and love overcome guilt, duty, and a clash of cultures?

The book has excitement, adventure, tenderness and love. Along with a good story, you will have laughing children, the sweetness of a newborn baby and a Grandmother who loves each one of them. I recommend this book as one that can be read any time of the year. ~ Marlene

I fell in love with Jillian and the Dr. I laughed and I cried. The other characters story were great. Mona, this is one of the best book of yours that I have read. I highly recommend this book. ~ Kindle Customer

A wonderful sweet romance from Mona Risk. Full of heart aches, romance, love and family. A love story for all ages. ~ Tina Leat