Love You Doc Series

Love You Doc Series:

A COMPLETE FAMILY, Love You Doc Series, book 1

Nurse Melody has an adorable 4 y old girl, a protective German shepherd, a meddling neighbor. Dr. Aidan wants to give her a complete family.

“I love Mona Risk’s medical romances. She knows how to add that little extra to a sweet romance to really bring out the attraction and chemistry.” ~

LOVE in the ER, Love You Doc Series, book 2

 In the past, her work in the ER brought her pain and frustration. Can it bring her love and a needed closure now?

“The path to happy ever after is not a smooth one. Both have a lot of problems to solve. This is a good story, my favorite by this author. Lots of drama takes them to different places.” ~

LOVE on the SLOPES Love You Doc Series, book 3

Dr. Nathan saves her from a ski accident and dates her. Gabriella hides her pain and limp. Can he win her love and rebuild her knee?

“There are a lot of issues as the doctor deals with a very insecure young woman that has no idea of her own beauty and worth. This is a lovely romance as they deal with secrets from her past and his wealthy family. There is a very nice twist at the end of the story that makes for a very happy ending. The story was very enjoyable and entertaining and I definitely recommend it. ~ Gatorfan

SECRET KISSES Love You Doc Series, book 4

Three friends in love with men of different cultures and religions. Will they convince their families to let them marry for love or will tradition tear the lovers apart?

“This is a very good story dealing with marriage between couples with different religion beliefs and how the families deal with it. It has to be approached with an open mind and heart and see these couples as human beings with the right to love the person they choose. It is very interesting and I definitely recommend it.” ~ Gatorfan

“Secret Kisses is a well written, interesting look at three young women as they graduate first from high school, then college. At the time of their high school graduation, each develops a secret crush on a man of a different ethnic and religious background. The characters are well developed. Ms. Risk demonstrates great knowledge of Egypt. The Egyptian vacation is one of the book’s highlights. I grew to care for each of these couples and was eager to see how each romance would reach an HEA.” Bernadette Cinkoske