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RELEASE PARTY; Sweet Christmas Kisses 4


on September 26, 2017.

Fun, games and prizes.

Mona Risk
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

The previous Christmas anthologies presented by the authors of Sweet Romance Reads have  all been USA Today bestsellers:
Sweet Christmas Kisses in 2014
Sweet Christmas Kisses 2 in 2015
Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 in 2016

A few years ago, I was caught in a blizzard while flying to Chicago. Unable to land, our plane was rerouted to Detroit where we waited for more than twelve hours for the bad weather to subside. Many things can happen in a crowded airport when you don’t have anything to do but watch the board covered with canceled flights.

What if the toddler sitting in his mother’s arms, next to you, got sick and threw up on you?

Trust me it wasn’t a pleasant moment, and I’ve never forgotten it. Yet bad things don’t last forever and may lead to the beginning of a happy ending. At least they did for my heroine, Dr. Sylvia Reynolds.

IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS is the story of two workaholic people dedicated to their careers and too busy to waste their precious time waiting for endless hours in an airport or playing with small children. When brought together by a five-month-old baby during a blizzard, the young pediatrician and the successful lawyer have no choice but to cope with the bad weather, the cancellation of flights and the adorable baby who has no one else to care for her.


What better way to spend time when stuck in a plane with a baby than to chat with a smart beautiful woman?

“Well, tell me the baby’s story.” Dr. Sylvia Reynolds narrowed her eyes—large hazel eyes, their almond shape accentuated by dark lashes and dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“A messy story. My brother Joshua, a Navy doctor, had an affair with a French-American artist.” James sobered and glanced at his niece lovingly cuddled in Sylvia’s arms. “She got pregnant but wanted to abort. Josh insisted he wanted his child. They signed an agreement. She would leave after the delivery to go back to France and her career, and he would raise the child and let her see it if she so desires.”

“Quite noble on his part.”

“Now, Josh has been deployed to the Mediterranean. My mother offered to keep Clementine during the time he’ll be away. Unfortunately, my mother broke her leg a month ago. She’s still in physiotherapy. The maternal grandmother who lives in Chicago didn’t mind keeping the baby for a week until Mom returns home.”

“Poor Clementine.” Sylvia brushed a kiss on the baby’s silky hair. “No mother, and shuffled right and left.” Did he detect a note of scorn in her voice?

Clementine dug her head into the crook of Sylvia’s neck and whined.

James squinted at the smart baby. “Right now, she’s telling us she likes it in your arms.” No doubt he’d like it too if he had the chance to be in Sylvia’s arms—or better, if he could hold her in his arms. He frowned, puzzled by his sudden attraction to a woman he’d just met. He’d never believed in love at first sight—love meaning desire or interest in his vocabulary. Why today and why with this serious pediatrician who didn’t look anything like the elegant beauties he often dated?

“You want to sleep, little doll.” Sylvia laid the baby in her arms and rocked her.

A moment later, the baby slept peacefully.

“I’ll put her in the car seat.” James took the baby and received a loud shriek of reprove when he bent to set her in her seat. The little angel screamed her head off as if he had tortured her.

“Give her back, please,” Sylvia insisted. “She was so comfy. How would you like to be awoken abruptly and almost thrown on the floor?”

“Huh… on…no…no.” Indignation made him stutter. “I was very gentle, and never threw her.” Ungrateful kid. I took a day off for you and you make me look like a monster in front of pretty Sylvia.

Sylvia held the baby and James let go to avoid a tug of war.

“Relax, sweetie-pie. Everything is okay.” Clementine clutched Sylvia’s sweater and let out a big sigh.

Sylvia cast him the reproachful look of a principal expecting a student to apologize, and caressed the baby’s head until she resumed her nap.

“You really know a thing or two about babies.” In awe of her easy bonding with his niece, he considered her with respect. And amazement. And… She had such a pert profile and luscious lips. To avoid temptation, he spun his head toward the window. Not a reassuring view. Beneath the plane, a gray carpet of clouds forecasted storms and problems in the area they overflew.


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Cruising the Baltic Sea: St. Petersburg

Another stop during our Baltic Sea cruise: St. Petersburg

For two centuries, St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire, but fell into neglect under the communism regime. However in the last twenty years, it has risen to become recognized as Russia’ s intellectual and cultural hub. I found out on Google that St. Petersburg was Putin’s birthplace and home. No wonder it is considered now one of the cleanest cities in the world.

We spent two days in St. Petersburg and took a guided tour organized by the cruise ship. The tour started with a stop at the Church of the Savior, also called Church of the Spilled Blood because it was constructed on the site where Czar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881. Inside the church, the walls and columns are covered with mosaic work depicting scenes from the Bible.

Notice the incredibly beautiful artwork of the facade.

In St. Isaac’s Square the magnificent cathedral showcases the world’s largest central gold dome, saturated with two-hundred and twenty pounds of shining gold, that took three decades to complete.

Here is the Synagogue of St. Petersburg.

And here is the Mosque of St. Peterburg.

As you can see all the religious edifices had incredibly beautiful domes.
More churches:

Below is the Lady of Kazan Church. The interior of the church is impressive due to its twelve columns in green malachite and blue lapis lazuli. After Napoleon invaded Russia, (1812) the commander-in-chief General Mikhail Kutuzov asked Our Lady of Kazan for help. The Russians saw the cathedral as a memorial to their victory over Napoleon. Kutuzov himself was interred in the cathedral in 1813; and Alexander Pushkin wrote celebrated lines meditating over his sepulcher. In 1815 keys to seventeen cities and eight fortresses were brought by the victorious Russian army from Europe and placed in the cathedral’s sacristy. In 1837, Boris Orlovsky designed two bronze statues of Kutuzov and of Barclay de Tolly which stand in front of the cathedral.

Here is a picture of the famous Hermitage Museum that was the winter palace of of the czar, so it’s no wonder that we stepped into opulence and splendor at every turn. Now it’s home to some breathtaking masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrant, and other famous painters.

Inside the Hermitage


She can’t abandon her patients for his crown. 

To please his dying grandfather and protect his country’s autonomy, Prince Paul of Rensy Island must marry an American doctor, descendant of a Rensian princess. Paul, a confirmed bachelor, agrees to meet Amy incognito during her vacation in Paris. Although her career and ex-boyfriend are major interference, attraction sizzles between Amy and her driver Paul, but the rumor of her engagement to Prince Paul outrages her. Can he convince her that he loves her, in spite of his lies by omission?


While cruising the British Isles, I visited Guernsey, in the English Channel. This quaint island with special privileges and autonomy became the setting of my new story, Rensy Island. The prince’s romance was inspired by Prince William and Kate’s, but my heroine is a dedicated American doctor.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, writes all the time, at home in Florida, or when she relaxes on a cruise. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are inspired by the people around her, and set in the fascinating places she visits during her endless traveling.

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