Cruising the Baltic Sea: Estonia

Tallinn, capital of Estonia, was a big surprise for me with its mix of Russia, Scandinavian and Polish influence. It retains the Latin alphabet.

Situated high on a hilltop, Tallinn’s medieval walled Old Town is a maze of cobblestone streets with historic buildings and modern constructions hidden around every turn.

The Old Town with the gothic town hall

The Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral













Fat Margaret’s Tower–Paks Margareeta–built in the 1500, named for a cook who worked there. Now it housed the Estonian Maritime Museum

While visiting the inside of the church decorated with gorgeous icons, we attended a wedding. The bride wore a red lace dress.

The Parliament–pink building

Song festivals are held here every five years.

Pictures of famous singers who participated in those festivals.

The modern city of Tallinn

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Cruising the Baltic Sea: Stockholm

We visited Stockholm on our own by bus, the Hop on Hop off bus and by boat, on a gorgeous sunny day. Temperature between 65 and 70 oF

The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, consists of fourteen islands clustered in the waters of Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea, and was once the home of the Vikings.

In Stockholm, you enjoy the sight of water around you but also green parks and flowers blooming everywhere.




The old City Hall –Stadshuset– is a massive fortress at the tip of Kungsholmen Island– at the left corner in the picture below.

The Royal Palace, home to the royal family of Sweden.

Modern area with a glass column: the Tower of Glass.

We drove through many beautiful bridges.

Flowers decorate the bridges.

The Lutheran Cathedral.

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Cruising the Baltic Sea: Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s most famous symbol stands a mere four-feet tall the Little Mermaid erected to express gratitude to Hans Christian Andersen who published his fairy tale in 1837.

Seventy years later, a Danish brewer attended “The Little Mermaid” ballet and commissioned the waterfront statue.



We visited Copenhagen by bus, “the Hop on Hop off” bus and by boat on a sunny day.

The famous Tivoli Gardens that inspired Disneyland encompass a parade of flowers in addition to restaurants, cafes and offer two spectacular rides. The wooden roller coaster that was built in 1914 is the oldest one and still in operation, and the Star Flyer ride is the world’s highest carousel, standing over 260 feet high.


Amalienborg Palace.
The winter home of Queen Margrethe II and her family consists of four French-style Rococo mansions.




When we passed by the Old Stock Exchange, we noticed the 196-foot Dragon-Spire tower topped with three golden crowns symbolizing the union of the Nordic countries.

The Nyhavn Waterfront district features brightly colored 17th and 18th century townhouses, restaurants and cafes where people gather on Friday evening for drink and dinner.

Here are pictures of modern life in Copenhagen.



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