Kindle in my life

Tomorrow, I will be at the hospital for a gall bladder removal. Everyone, doctor, nurses, friends, relatives have assured me it’s a simple procedure. So I am very calm, completely reassured, but since I hate general anesthesia I keep telling them, “Just say a little prayer for me.

Okay, I’m totally reassured, but… but I’m a bit too nervous to accomplish anything worthwhile today. So I’m deleting old files, emails, cleaning my desk, organizing my Kindle, since the only things I will take for my overnight at the hospital are my Kindle and my smart phone. No need to lose contact with the world because of a stupid stone that decided to block my goal bladder and made my life miserable for years.

To organize my Kindle, I copied from my computer the list of ebooks on my ‘Manage Your Kindle’, printed the file and carefully examined it. Can you believe I bought or downloaded 215 ebooks since October 2011? And I read and reviewed 65 books during last year! I was the first surprised to discover these numbers.

The Kindle really made a difference in my life. I always carry it with me, and read at the gym, doctors’ and hospital waiting rooms, at the beach, pool, before sleeping,… I adjust the font and read.

There is always room on my Kindle for more books to enjoy. If you have more room on your Kindle take a look at these 99 cents books that ranked as bestsellers at Amazon and make a goal bladder-suffering author happy.

NEIGHBORS and MORE  Suspense and romance in a Floridian high rise on the beach
SAILING WITH YOU  A Grecian Romeo forgets his family feud when he meets the American Juliette in his paradise island.
NO MORE LIES  A lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears. Secrets and second chances with humor.
RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN,  What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms?
BABIES IN THE BARGAIN  ER and Gray’s Anatomy in the NICU. Winner of 2009 BEST ROMANCE NOVEL, Preditors& Editors Readers Poll; Winner of 2009 BEST ROMANCE, Readers Favorite, and dozen 58 stars reviews from official review sites.

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3 Responses to Kindle in my life

  1. monarisk says:

    The surgery went great, but I am sore. I hope it will be a matter of days.

  2. gentle hugs, Mona. Glad the surgery went great. Take that time to heal and read some of those stories.

  3. Healing hugs, Mona. Take the time to rest and enjoy that Kindle.

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