Still FREE for 2 more days. Amazon Rank#224 in Kindle, #15 in Suspense; #73 in Romance.

NEIGHBORS and MORE: Experience life in a high rise with 300 neighbors–or suspects– fretting about a man dead in a Jacuzzi.

NEIGHBORS and MORE is a romantic suspense, and the first book of the High Rise

CoverFinalMD-NeighborsAndMoreHigh Rises are like large families where members face love, hate, meddling, and gossiping. When the neighbor who was harassing her is found dead in the Jacuzzi, Alexa is a prime suspect.

Can she count on her dear neighbors, including the delectable Italian, Dante, for help?

With too many skeletons in their own closets, would they save Alexa or incriminate her?

33 reviews, 4.4/5 stars

The suspense/mystery element is very well done. ” Loves Reading | 12 reviewers made a similar statement

Easy read and Hard to put down. ” ISABEL RENTAS | 6 reviewers made a similar statement

The characters are also endearing. ” Christine Fairchild | 5 reviewers made a similar statement

Grab your copy for free.

Happy Reading

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