My next novel

 Here is the beginning of the book I’m currently writing. I don’t have a title yet. A first draft, soSmall box for MadMimi letter please forgive any annoying typos. Monica’s story starts exactly where Claire’s story ended in Wedding Surprise, a novel that is a part of two boxes:

WoMS 3d Boxed set final 800 x 500

Weddings on Main Street


Ten Brides for Ten HeroesTen+Brides+for+Ten+HeroesCHAPTER ONE

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler,” the loud speaker bellowed. Drumbeats covered the din in the lavishly decorated ballroom and the French door opened to admit the bride and groom.

Together with three-hundred guests, Monica Roland clapped hands. “They look gorgeous and happy,” she said to her stepsister, Tiffany Ramsay.

Flashes glittered on the newlywed couple who sauntered to the dance floor and paused, not far from Monica and Tiffany.

“And now, their first dance as husband and wife,” the master of ceremony announced in his microphone. The music started a tender melody and David pulled Claire into his arms.

Fascinated, Monica watched them dance, whirl, and kiss. The groom was handsome, charming and deeply in love. Dazzling in her white gown and veil, her eyes riveted on her new husband, the bride radiated joy. A picture of happiness in a fairy-tale wedding.

A shaft of unexpected envy lanced through Monica. Not that she begrudged Claire her bliss. Her stepsister had faced her share of deceit and frustration during her engagement and certainly deserved her happy ever after.

“I’m so glad for Claire.” Tiffany grabbed her hand. “Oh Monica, I can’t believe that my four sisters are married now. I’m glad I have you. It would have been too lonely in the big house.”

“Tell me about it. We’ll be cloistered in your mother’s place for some time.” Monica’s frustration didn’t seem to rattle her stepsister.

“For two more years. Getting our degrees is worth a few sacrifices.” Hardly on the mend from a broken engagement, Tiffany had focused on her medical studies and thoroughly ignored any distraction. “Soon, we’ll be done, and then the sky’s the limit, sweetie.” She chuckled and her turquoise eyes shimmered with dreamy stars. In a bridesmaid outfit almost similar to Monica’s—a long teal chiffon dresses with rounded neckline instead of the V-neck Monica had chosen to conceal her generous décolletage—Tiffany radiated with the Ramsay poise, and beauty, and elegance, and confidence.

A sigh of self-deprecation escaped Monica. Although she’d tried hard to emulate her stepsisters, no one would ever mistake her for a Ramsay girl. “Well, of course, I want to finish college and get a real job,” she exclaimed. “But above all, I’d like to find a special man, one who would be a good father for Chris and Louis.”

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