Their First Kiss

Excerpt from HER FRENCH COUNT, one of the 14 novels in

Book Boyfriends Cafe Summer Lovin’ Anthology 2015, presently on pre-order for 99 cents.

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“Well answer my question first. Are we friends?” François came toward her, his hand outstretched.

“Yes,” Cheryl said as she stared at his open palm and debated if she should touch it.
“I don’t bite. Especially not my friends.”

She sneaked a look at him and put her hand in his. His fingers immediately wrapped around hers.

“I don’t bite my friends,” he repeated with a soft voice. “Far from it. I’d rather kiss them,” he said as he brought her fingers to his lips.

Warmth seeped through her skin and her bones. “Yes, friends if you want,” she murmured with conviction, hoping she wouldn’t regret her foolishness tomorrow.

His lips lingered again on the back of her hand and her wrist. “Thank you for your trust.” He backed up and held her shoulders at arm’s length. “Goodnight, Cheryl. I’m so sorry about Professor Howard. I will miss him too. And I will be here for you.” He hugged her and kept his arms wrapped around her back. She leaned her forehead onto his shoulder and breathed the lemon scent of his cologne and his masculine presence.

Strangely enough, she relaxed and felt protected for the first time in years. She raised her head, met his gaze and forgot the whole world. He had the most beautiful eyes, hazel dusted with green and gold. Kindness, almost tenderness, swirled in their depths. He didn’t move, didn’t release his hold on her back. What was she doing staring for so long?

She lowered her lashes just enough to shift her focal point. His lips, luscious and full, stretched in a hint of a smile and came close. Closer, invading her field of vision.
Mesmerized, she swallowed and licked her lower lip, her fingers clutching his shoulders.

His smile faded as he raised her chin with a fingertip and tugged her forward against his solid chest. Heat seeped into her body when he claimed her lips and darted his tongue into her mouth to tease and taste.

His kiss ended too quickly. And too late. Her heart still hammering in her chest, she splayed her hands on his chest and pushed him away, afraid to remain in his embrace another second.

He let her Her French Count - Copygo, walked to the door and opened it. “I’m here for you, Cheryl. My room is next to yours. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to knock on my door.”

She nodded and kept staring at the door long after he left.

Doc was gone. But François was here. Danger floated in the air. But François is here.

Would he still be here when she needed him? When his latest girlfriend summoned his presence and invaded his bed?


HER FRENCH COUNT is also a part of the box set, Foreign Heroes

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3 Responses to Their First Kiss

  1. susanannwall says:

    But Francois was here. Le sigh! 🙂 Love it!

  2. Carly Carson says:

    I can’t wait to read this! How can you go wrong with a story set in France?

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