Already Thanksgiving!

Are you ready to cook or eat your Thanksgiving turkey?

Years ago before the kids left home, my husband used to cook a terrific turkey and I prepared the rest of the dinner. It was fun to gather the family and extended family, and invite a few friends who had no place to go on that special day.

Now we gather at my son’s house. His turkeys are out of this world. He starts his preparation four or five days before Thanksgiving, and always gives a name to his birds. Over the years, he gave us Rob-Birda, Al-Bird-A, Nor-Birda, Tur-keyna, Big-Bird, etc…

Let me offer you a couple of books to relax on Thanksgiving weekend.


40 reviews 4.8/5 stars average



On Christmas Eve (Holiday Babies Series Book 6)
by Mona Risk
Amazon Link:

Have you started your holidays’ preparations?
Are you busier now than you were last month?

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