Cruising the Baltic Sea: Estonia

Tallinn, capital of Estonia, was a big surprise for me with its mix of Russia, Scandinavian and Polish influence. It retains the Latin alphabet.

Situated high on a hilltop, Tallinn’s medieval walled Old Town is a maze of cobblestone streets with historic buildings and modern constructions hidden around every turn.

The Old Town with the gothic town hall

The Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral













Fat Margaret’s Tower–Paks Margareeta–built in the 1500, named for a cook who worked there. Now it housed the Estonian Maritime Museum

While visiting the inside of the church decorated with gorgeous icons, we attended a wedding. The bride wore a red lace dress.

The Parliament–pink building

Song festivals are held here every five years.

Pictures of famous singers who participated in those festivals.

The modern city of Tallinn

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