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Special Agent Charli (Undercover FBI Book 6) by Mimi Barbour
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The only man she wants in her life is her old Gramps, and all he wants is a grandchild.

Special Agent Charli Madison can’t get a break. After the stress of her last horrific assignment, all she wants is to spend time vacationing with her Gramps in Fort Lauderdale, a city they both love. Plans go awry, and she’s forced into witness protection, guarding a teenage girl who’s the only person able to identify a notorious killer.
To make matters worse, she has to accept the womanizing local FLPD Major as her fictitious fiancé and her backup on the dangerous mission.

Heaven knows, she doesn’t deserve this mess…

Blake Sebastian is tired of his role as lover for the women who hang around him in droves. Problem is – he doesn’t trust any of them with his heart, never mind with his future.

When pushed, he admits to the curly-headed, disapproving FBI agent under his jurisdiction, a man can get sick of so much sugar. Every so often, he needs a little sour to offset that much sweetness.

Charli was not impressed.

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I dedicated this book to my father, Poppa John, because I actually framed the secondary character in this book – Gramps – after him. It was imperative that I was able to share with you the sweetness of his nature…. I think I succeeded.

From the Author

My father, the man we all called Poppa John, was my hero. Plain and simple! I adored the man as a child, a young girl, a married woman and most of all as a senior who truly understood the battles against age he overcame to stay sweet and kind until the day he passed.He loved to make people laugh, said their smiles gave him joy… and hope.One time, my son asked him the secret of being a good person, and his answer still rings true – be human.We all miss him terribly, and the only way I could bear losing him was to write him into this book as my favorite character of all time. (And just so you know, most of the anecdotes told in this book were based on the truth.)He’ll be remembered every time we see a yellow begonia, hear the song “Big, Bad John, and see the wonderful stain glass memories he left behind.

He was… and will always be… my special hero.

About the Author

Mimi Barbour is an incredibly busy New York Times, USA Todayand award-winning, best-selling author who has written seven series, is innumerous multi-author box collections, plus her own box collections and many singletitles to add to her credits.
Mimi lives on theEast coast of Vancouver Island with her husband and writes her various romanceswith tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. She’s been known to say: “If I can steal a booklover’s attention away from their every-day grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and makethem care about the ending, then I’ve done my job.”

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