In the past, her work in the ER brought her pain and frustration. Can it bring her love and a needed closure now?

LOVE IN THE ER, Love You Doc Series, book 2


Following a traumatic experience as attending physician—her husband’s death in her ER—Dr. Sophia Dixon vows never to set foot in that department again. After completing a new residency, she applies for a position in Internal Medicine (IM).

On her way to St. Emmanuel Hospital for an interview on a stormy day, Sophia is delayed by a flat tire. Luckily, a passerby gives her a lift to the hospital. Unfortunately, there is no opening in IM. Sophia receives an offer for an attending position in the ER, reporting to Dr. Ryan Todd, Chief of ER—none other than her charming rescuer. Her first reaction is to refuse, but she badly needs money to support herself and her three-year-old daughter, help her mother, repair her parents’ crumbling house, and… 

Ryan is the perfect boss, professional and courteous, and Sophia easily adjusts to her new job. While multiplying their effort in the ER, Ryan and Sophia get closer. He urges her to forget her sadness and live in the moment as he does. Over the next few months, they exchange passionate kisses and Sophia often ends the night in Ryan’s arms at his condo. A no-commitment situation that suits them both. But she avoids sharing the troubles that have eaten up her soul.

When the truth comes out, Ryan is frustrated by her lack of trust and her continuous guilt feelings. Yet he doesn’t hesitate to rush out in a hurricane to bring her mother and daughter to safety. Will Sophia ever be able to redeem herself and reach a closure?

When his children manage to ruin his second wedding, Brad is caught between a furious fiancée and the ex-wife he betrayed, both determined to keep him and make him pay for his mistakes.

SUNSHINE OVER SNOW, The Senator’s Family, book 5


Caught in a snowstorm while driving her kids to their father’s second wedding, Michele is forced to call her ex-husband Brad – the man who betrayed her – to rescue them.
Leaving his furious fiancée alone at their rehearsal dinner, Brad takes his children and their mother to a hospital to treat Michele for hypothermia. Determined to get their parents back together, the children plot a series of mishaps and manage to keep their father at their mother’s side. With the wedding postponed and the exasperated bride leaving town to pursue her career, Brad realizes his kids have saved him from a huge mistake.
Will Michele forgive him or make him pay for his betrayal?


HIS SON, HER DAUGHTER, The Senator’s Family, book 6


They were high school sweethearts until a nasty gossip separated them. His five-year old son and her little daughter bring them together twenty years later.

Daniel, a lawyer who lost his dear wife to a DUI accident pursues all drunk drivers with a vengeance. Suspicious by nature and profession, he’s attracted to Meredith again but has trouble trusting her.

Meredith wants Daniel more than anything but she’s hiding a few secrets he may resent. Would she be able to keep his love if he suspects she betrayed him?

Already published in the same series:

Honeymoon Cruise: The perfect fiancé is a cheater
and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off.
But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill
the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion.

Fake Fiancée: Her German shepherd is her only friend
until a senator’s son refuses to take advantage of their fake engagement
and teams up with her dog to protect her.

For Sarah’s Sake: A broken marriage.
Second chance at love.
And a precious little girl trying to escape danger
and hatred to get herself a loving family.

Not Ready Yet: High school sweethearts separated by life
They meet years later,
successful but different,
each with a heavy baggage.


Half a Dozen with Love:

Release Date: December 2, 2020

At twenty, Tammy is left with the responsibility of five brothers and sisters. Dr. Jack Conan stops the Foster Care system from separating the children, but his unorthodox solution may complicate Tammy’s problems—or bring her into his arms?

Between Babies and Girlfriends:

Release Date: February 11, 2021

Abandoned baby twins, a former girlfriend, an almost fiancée complicate Dr. Brian Dutton’s life to no end.

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