Release Day: September 17

Please help me launch my new romance novel, DATING PLANS, book 2 of the new series, LOVE PLANS. it will be followed by several more books in the same series. In Sailing Away Plans, we briefly met Steve Winston’s adult children, Matt, Royce and Stephanie. Matt was already having problems with his wife.

DATING PLANS just released


Love Plans Series, book 2

Divorced and lonely, Dr. Matt Winston isn’t doing much to remedy the situation until he attends his class reunion and reconnects with Brenda, the classmate who used to compete with him for top grades. Dr. Brenda Hammer, a successful psychologist, lives with her teenage daughter, Mia, a challenging kid to say the least. Traumatized by a previous experience, Brenda has vowed to stay clear of relationships until her daughter is in college. Even so, reminiscing over lunch about high school and first kisses with her handsome classmate can’t hurt.

Attraction sizzles between Matt and Brenda. Matt understands that she is focused on her career and her daughter’s education, but he is patient and persistent. Determined to prove that she can trust him, he bonds with the teenager who’s been missing a father figure for years. Mia benefits from his open-minded influence, and Brenda enjoys their laid-back dates. Happiness finally seems within grasp for mother and daughter until the bullies in Mia’s class pull her into their web again.

Brenda’s past return to haunt her when Mia’s father enters the picture. Crushed by this new betrayal, Matt steps away. Is there any hope left for Matt and Brenda to build a future together?


Love Plans Series, book 1, Released
“A great love story and a second chance at a new life. It is a very good read and I definitely recommend it.”


Love Plans Series, book 3, On preorder
Ariana fought hard to escape the slums and become a nurse. Captain Lopez taught her to conquer fear. Can he help her forget the scum from the past and win her trust?


Love Plans Series, book 4, On preorder
His fiancée, his patient and a cute little girl compete for his heart.


Love Plans Series, book 5, On preorder
They meet at the artificial insemination clinic. Zach is working on an article. Audrey is secretly getting a baby. But artificial insemination works in many ways.


Twenty-years ago

To celebrate the ninety-fifth birthday of George Winston, the family patriarch, his sons Carl and Ludwig threw a big party and invited their own children and grandchildren. Old George, still alert and as acerbic and facetious as he’d been in his youth, responded to the birthday wishes with a speech to his offsprings and made them play a game. He displayed a card with the word PLANS.

“I want you, kids, to have a goal and succeed in life. For that purpose, you need to have plans. Pull a card and show us what your plans are to reach your dream.”

To start the game, his oldest grandson, Dr. Steve Winston, pulled a card from the box held by the old man.

“I have SAILING on my card,” Steve declared.

“SAILING PLANS for you, Steve. Will you be able to execute this plan?”

“Maybe. It’d be a nice dream to sail far away.”

The great-grandchildren followed suit, pulling a card from the box.

“Show us your cards, kids.”

The children waved their cards. The parents read and laughed.

“Here are the results,” George announced. “DATING PLANS for Matt Winston and KISSING PLANS for his little brother Royce. RESCUE PLANS for Rafael Lopez and HEALING PLANS for Jason Randal. BABY PLANS for Audrey Kent, WEDDING PLANS for her brother Tyler, and FAMILY PLANS for her brother Tim. VACATION PLANS for toddler Denise Lambert and LAST-CHANCE PLANS for her baby brother Rick.”

“These are fun plans, Popoff,” ten-year-old Matt commented.

“I will not be around, but I’ll be watching you from up there.” The old man lifted a finger to the sky. “I hope you can carry out your plans and fulfill your dreams.”

And so each of the great-grandchildren had a story to tell.

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