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Baby Plans

Love Plans Series, book 5

Artificial insemination… the two words hit Zach like fireworks. This is an unfamiliar, new and useful topic, perfect for his article— the prize-worthy article he needs to write to secure a promotion that his girlfriend, Audrey, stole two years ago.
Audrey is pleased with her successful career, but now her life seems empty. She lost Zach, her dashing lover and resentful colleague, and craves a baby, someone to love unconditionally. Artificial insemination is the answer to her dream.
When Zach meets Audrey at the clinic, he suspects she’s snooping around, collecting information, and competing again on his project. For research purpose, Zack plays along as a donor. Convinced the charade would end soon, he gives sperm while Audrey meets with doctors. But she secretly visits the clinic the next morning for the real thing.
Sparks fly between the two lovers. Audrey helps Zach with his project, but doesn’t breathe a word about her baby plans.
When secrets leak out, Zach is outraged and turns his back on Audrey, but artificial insemination works in many ways, and…
Baby Plans is part of the Love Plans Series


New Release

Love Plans Series, book 1

For fifteen years, she’s been his serious nurse, pet sitter, and occasional babysitter for his kids. He finally discovers the gorgeous passionate woman hiding under her dull uniform when he’s about to transfer to St. John Island.

“A great love story and a second chance at a new life. It is a very good read and I definitely recommend it.”

“A well crafted romance, with authentic characters, nice plot twists, and a believable resolution.”

Note: The girl in pink in her boat is my own granddaughter on a regatta day_. ~ Proud grandma.


New Release

Love Plans Series, book 2

Attraction sizzles between a divorced surgeon and a psychologist with a challenging daughter. Things get more difficult when the teenager’s father returns.

“This is an interesting and entertaining read. Lots of mothers will relate to this story. When and how to trust a teen.”

“M. Risk writes a wonderful story full of romance that touches on all your emotions.”


New Release

Love Plans Series, book 3

Intense, emotional, sensual
Ariana fought hard to escape the slums and become a nurse. Captain Lopez taught her to conquer fear. Can he help her forget the scum from the past and win her trust?

“This is a good read. Lots of adventure, drama, and romance. It is an entertaining as well as interesting read. I enjoyed the story and definitely recommend it.”


New Release

Love Plans Series, book 4

When Dr. Tyler Kent is late for his own wedding because of a medical emergency, his fiancée is furious and greets him with tears, curses, and a slap. Fed up with her hysterics, Tyler leaves and cancels the wedding.
After Sienna Perino almost collapses from a ruptured appendix, dedicated Dr. Kent comes to her rescue. Surprisingly, he stays by her bedside, takes care of her young daughter, and even drives her home once she is discharged.
As three-year-old Dalia whispers her secret wish about the nice doctor to Santa Claus, attraction sizzles between Tyler and Sienna. The recovered patient intends to keep her handsome doctor. But the jilted bride isn’t ready to give up that easily and goes out of her way to grab back her former fiancé.
Wedding Plans is part of the Love Plans Series.

On Sale this month


Love You Doc Series, Book 3
A sweet romance.
“The doctor deals with a very insecure young woman. A lovely romance…with a nice twist at the end that makes for a very happy ending. The story was very enjoyable and entertaining.”

His Son, Her Daughter

The Senator’s Family Series, Book 6
A sweet romance.
High school sweethearts reunited by their children. Their conflicting baggage prevent them from trusting each other. Could love prevail?

“This a heartwarming story by an author who knows how to draw in the reader from the start.”

Jingle With My Princess

Modern Princes Series, Book 3
“A charming holiday read featuring the handsome Dr. Scott Pratt, and Charlene, a beautiful princess. Mona writes an enchanting Christmas tale set on exotic Rensy island.”

Husband for a Week

Sicilian vendetta, fake husband, and an irascible matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love conquer all?

“This is a very entertaining, fast moving, and well written story. It put a smile on my face while reading it. Highly recommend.”


Twenty-years ago

To celebrate the ninety-fifth birthday of George Winston, the family patriarch, his sons Carl and Ludwig threw a big party and invited their own children and grandchildren. Old George, still alert and as acerbic and facetious as he’d been in his youth, responded to the birthday wishes with a speech to his offsprings and made them play a game. He displayed a card with the word PLANS.

“I want you, kids, to have a goal and succeed in life. For that purpose, you need to have plans. Pull a card and show us what your plans are to reach your dream.”

To start the game, his oldest grandson, Dr. Steve Winston, pulled a card from the box held by the old man.

“I have SAILING on my card,” Steve declared.

“SAILING PLANS for you, Steve. Will you be able to execute this plan?”

“Maybe. It’d be a nice dream to sail far away.”

The great-grandchildren followed suit, pulling a card from the box.

“Show us your cards, kids.”

The children waved their cards. The parents read and laughed.

“Here are the results,” George announced. “DATING PLANS for Matt Winston and KISSING PLANS for his little brother Royce. RESCUE PLANS for Rafael Lopez and HEALING PLANS for Jason Randal. BABY PLANS for Audrey Kent, WEDDING PLANS for her brother Tyler, and FAMILY PLANS for her brother Tim. VACATION PLANS for toddler Denise Lambert and LAST-CHANCE PLANS for her baby brother Rick.”

“These are fun plans, Popoff,” ten-year-old Matt commented.

“I will not be around, but I’ll be watching you from up there.” The old man lifted a finger to the sky. “I hope you can carry out your plans and fulfill your dreams.”

And so each of the great-grandchildren had a story to tell.

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