Three New Books for Christmas

I have three NEW books to offer my readers.

M NYT-HusbandForAWeek

Sicilian vendetta, fake husband, and an irascible matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love conquer all?

HUSBAND for a WEEK, reached the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists as part of Summer Fire and is available at Amazon   for 99c

From Florida to Sicily with emotion, humor, action.

Reviews on Amazon:

“This was a really fun story that went by way too fast! I had a hard time putting it down and read it in just a few short hours. I loved the chemistry between Isabella and Johnathon and I LOVED the idea of the fake marriage. This book is packed full of entertainment and adventure and doesn’t disappoint in the romance department either! If you’re looking for a fun, engaging story that will be sure to entertain you for hours, then this is the book for you!”~ Nic S.


Reviews on Amazon:

“Parents plotting, complications due to Emma’s sick mother, unsavory characters making threats and stealing, and Josh/Emma’s strong feelings towards each other provide an action packed and awesome romantic story.” ~ Jo Anne Vincenti

“This book was not at all what I expected, but so much more. I love it! I wasn’t expecting the little bit of mystery. It was fun and cute and I was cheering on the two loves the whole time. Not at all how imagined it to go. I highly recommend this little slice of Christmas cheer!!”~ Nikki

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