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BABIES IN THE BARGAIN, Doctor’s Orders Series Book 1


Babies in the Bargain, voted BEST ROMANCE NOVEL at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll 2009.
Babies in the Bargain won 2010 BEST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE NOVEL at Readers Favorite

66 Reviews

Wonderful story. Love second chance romances. Holly was in love with Marc seven years before and she thought he just walked away with out looking back. Lynn Smith

Babies in the Bargain was just amazing! It started out very dramatic and got my attention from the first paragraph. The intense feelings of grief that Marc felt really got to me. My heart cried out for him. I felt very connected to the characters and loved every moment that I spent with them. Marc’s character is a fiercely loyal man that takes his obligations to his family and work very seriously. Holly’s character was a strong woman with a strong work ethic but the feelings she feels when Marc comes around take her breath away. Watching these two characters try to stay away from each other was very amusing.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Babies in the Bargain grabs you from the start. No introduction needed. We are taken directly into the operating room of Washington Children’s Hospital, where we meet Dr. Hooly Collier, the senior fellow in Neonatology. We also meet the now big-league Dr. Marc Suarez who, back in med school, had spread like a virus. Holly had been one of those affected by it seven years ago. She is still not immune to him, as she immediately finds out.

For seven years Holly Collier has tried to protect her heart because of the one man with whom she had fallen in love. Now that Marc Suarez is back in the picture, it is taking Holly every bit of self control to keep the ice around her heart. She has put her all into her medical training in Neonatology leaving little time for socialization. There is no way she will let anyone tamper with her plans for the future, not even Marc Suarez. Just when she thinks she has everything under control, an accident occurs that changes both of their lives. Marc is faced with the fact that he is now a father to his nephew and looks to Holly for help. Can Marc and Holly make it past the crisis to find one another once again?

BABIES IN THE BARGAIN was translated in French by  and in German by


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