Health and Wellness

I am always reading articles on how to improve my health without taking medicines.

Over the years I compiled my own booklet of useful remedies—although I should read it more often and follow my own advice.

Here are some specifics guaranteed to help:

A twenty-minute walk will help a lot of woes: unwind a tense mind and restore your good mood, relax a tired back, give a break to sore eyes, and battle constipation by regulating and optimizing GI function. In addition, even a five minute walk after sitting for three hours at my computer can reduce the risk of stroke.

A swim in the pool improves your balance. Swimmers use their core muscles and coordinate movement of their arms and legs to stay afloat—both of which increase balance control.

Relaxing by a crackling fire engages all the senses and lowers the blood pressure.

Use omega-3 fatty acids to reduce craving and control hunger.

A sip of apple cider relieves bloating by speeding stomach emptying.

Use vitamin D to strengthen your bones and ease knee pain.

Snacking on walnuts which are rich in antioxidants protects brain cells from oxidative damage and slashes risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Watermelon helps reduce cholesterol.

Avoid loneliness, surround yourself with friends, and believe in yourself when starting a diet. A positive attitude helps considerably.

And according to my Mom, nothing can restore her good mood like shopping for a new outfit or a pair of shoes.

For ultimate relaxation, plan a cruise or a weekend getaway.

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