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BABY PLANS (Love Plans Book 5)

FREE on September 20, 21, 22 and 23

This hilarious romantic comedy will lift your mood and make you laugh.

Artificial insemination… the two words hit Zach like fireworksThis is an unfamiliar, new and useful topic, perfect for his article— the prize-worthy article he needs to write to secure a promotion that his girlfriend, Audrey, stole two years ago.

Audrey is pleased with her successful career, but now her life seems empty. She lost Zach, her dashing lover and resentful colleague, and craves a baby, someone to love unconditionally. Artificial insemination is the answer to her dream.

When secrets leak out, Zach is outraged and turns his back on Audrey, but artificial insemination works in many ways, and…
Baby Plans is book 5 of the Love Plans Series

HEALING PLANS, (Love Plans book 8)

PUBLICATION DATE: September 22, 2022

Melissa Blake, a bright young surgeon, worked long hours to gain a remarkable experience. Fed up with her controlling mentor, she interviews for a better position.

After his wife left him, Dr. Jason Randal raises their two small kids on his own. Although he’s carefully avoided dating, he’s attracted to the lovely Dr. Blake he’s just hired. He gives her a tour of the city and a taste of the passion she’s missed.

When her mentor needs open-heart surgery, Melissa leads a team of surgeons, including Jason, all through the delicate operation. Life gets complicated when she becomes dizzy during the surgery, but Jason discretely takes over and saves their famous patient.

Will this unforgivable weakness cost her a medical career and Jason’s love?

Healing Plans is book 8 of the Love Plans Series.

FAMILY PLANS (Love Plans, book 7)

FAMILY PLANS available on Amazon

Just released on August 25, 2022

Left inconsolable by his wife’s death in a plane crash, Tim Kent dedicates himself to his daughter, Brianna. He allows her to get closer to her best friend Debbie whose father died in the same plane crash.

When Tim meets Erin Perkins, Debbie’s mother, attraction develops between them.

But the sorrowful plane crash that brought them together threatens to separate them when shocking secrets are revealed. Can a brighter future arise from those ashes at Christmas time?

Family Plans is book 7 of the Love Plans Series.

KISSING PLANS (Love Plans, book 6)

Kissing Plans is available at Amazon

Released on August 2, 2022

Susan Chen returns to Cincinnati to work as university professor. Her best friend, Royce Winston who’s been secretly in love with her for years, is determined to change their relationship for the best.

Little did he expect Susan to arrive with her mother and a Thai fiancé imposed on her by her family. When Susan asks him to accommodate the unwelcome fiancé until he finds a job, and then help her get rid of him, Royce eagerly obliges.

The best way to succeed is to push the fiancé into another woman’s arms—even if she’s Royce’s former girlfriend and the fiancé has become his houseguest and good buddy. The complicated situation threatens to explode at any minute…and finally does, ripping apart their best laid plans.

No Vacation Plans (Love Plans Book 9)

On Preorder

Denise Lambert fell in love at first sight with Damien Booker, a biracial law student. They danced the night away, and she welcomed his passionate kiss. But then he disappeared.
Five years later, she can’t believe her eyes when the pizza delivery boy is none other than Damien, sporting a long frizzy mane, and a bushy beard. He kisses her and runs away. Determined to find him, she manages to get his phone number and reconnect with him. For weeks, they chat on the phone, until she bumps into Zorro, the exotic male dancer, at her friend’s bachelorette party—Damien again who kisses her senseless. But Denise is fed up with the jack of all trades, working long hours at low-paying jobs. She’ll have to break it off with him unless…
Determined to be worthy of her love, Damian set aside his resentment against discriminating lawyers. Clean cut and well-groomed, he applies to various firms, until he garners several interviews and finally lands the right position in the right firm. Will his effort pay off? Or will he have to fight her friends and relatives to bring Denise into his arms?
No Vacation Plans is book 9 of Love Plans Series


SAILING AWAY PLANS “A great love story and a second chance at a new life. It is a very good read and I definitely recommend it.”

DATING PLANS “Really enjoyed this story and fell in love with the great cast of characters. Check it out.”

RESCUE PLANS Intense, emotional, sensual “This is a good read. Lots of adventure, drama, and romance. It is an entertaining as well as interesting read. I enjoyed the story and definitely recommend it.”

WEDDING PLANS A sweet Christmas story. “Contemporary issues are seamlessly woven into the story. Nice foreshadowing and intrigue.”

BABY PLANS Humorous and sexy “A second chance love story. It is interesting as well as entertaining. I definitely recommend it.”

And more…


Honeymoon Cruise: The perfect fiancé is a cheater and the fabulous Christmas wedding is off. But the would-be honeymoon cruise may fulfill the dreams of Julia and her unexpected companion.

Fake FiancéeHer German shepherd is her only friend until a senator’s son refuses to take advantage of their fake engagement and teams up with her dog to protect her.

For Sarah’s Sake: A broken marriage. Second chance at love. And a precious little girl trying to escape danger and hatred to get herself a loving family.

Not Ready Yet: High school sweethearts separated by life…They meet years later, successful but different, each with a heavy baggage.

Sunshine Over Snow: When his children ruin his second wedding, Brad is caught between a furious fiancée and an offended ex-wife, both determined to make him pay for his mistakes.

His Son, Her Daughter: High school sweethearts reunited after twenty years by their small children. Their conflicting baggage prevents them from fully trusting each other. Yet what wouldn’t Daniel do for his son and her daughter?

Between Babies and Girlfriends: Abandoned baby twins, a former girlfriend, an almost fiancée complicate Dr. Brian Dutton’s life to no end.

Half a Dozen with Love: At twenty, Tammy is left with the responsibility of five brothers and sisters. Dr. Jack Conan stops the Foster Care system from separating the children, but his unorthodox solution may complicate Tammy’s problems—or bring her into his arms?


A Complete Family: Nurse Melody is continuously late at work. Determined to find out the reason for her tardiness, Dr. Aidan visits her house, unintentionally scares her little daughter, and is attacked by her vicious German shepherd. But attraction sizzles…

Love in the ER: Despite a traumatic experience, a young doctor with a four-year-old daughter returns to work in the ER. Will the charming Chief of ER make her job easier or more difficult?

Love on the Slopes: A victim of mockery, Gabriella hides her pain and limp. After saving her from a ski accident, can Dr. Nathan win her love and rebuild her knee?

Secret Kisses: Three friends have the misfortune of falling in love with men of different religions. Will they manage to convince their families to let them marry for love or will tradition tear the lovers apart?


A Bride For Prince Paul: She can’t abandon her patients for his crown!

A Bodyguard For The Princess: A murder at Harvard in Princess Chloe’s student building.

Jingle With My Princess: The doc and the princess… He saves lives but Princess Charlene may save his heart.

Prince Philip’s Cinderella: A charming jogger saves her from danger. But he’s a prince… and she comes from nothing. Should she run or risk her heart?

A Dance for Prince Eric: A ballerina with a promising career on the run for her brother’s sake. A charismatic prince who saved them both. Do fairytales exist?


Holly Jolly ChristmasPrequel to the series.

Christmas Babies: A sweet and powerful Christmas Story.

Valentine Babies: Can he love a woman expecting another man’s baby?

Mother’s Day Babies: Never too late to find love and happiness.

Wedding Surprise: Is it the worst or best wedding surprise?

Christmas Papa: Who’s my Papa, Mommy?

On Christmas Eve: We want a mommy for Christmas.


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