Healing Plans

New Release: Healing Plans, Love Plans Series, book 8

Melissa Blake, a bright young surgeon, worked long hours to gain a remarkable experience. Fed up with her controlling mentor, she interviews for a better position.

After his wife left him, Dr. Jason Randal raises their two small kids on his own. Although he’s carefully avoided dating, he’s attracted to the lovely Dr. Blake he’s just hired. He gives her a tour of the city and a taste of the passion she’s missed.

When her mentor needs open-heart surgery, Melissa leads a team of surgeons, including Jason, all through the delicate operation. Life gets complicated when she becomes dizzy during the surgery, but Jason discretely takes over and saves their famous patient.

Will this unforgivable weakness cost her a medical career and Jason’s love?

Healing Plans is book 8 of the Love Plans Series.

No Vacation Plans (Love Plans Book 9) On Preorder

Denise Lambert fell in love at first sight with Damien Booker, a biracial law student. They danced the night away, and she welcomed his passionate kiss. And then he disappeared.
Five years later, she can’t believe her eyes when the pizza delivery boy is none other than Damien, sporting a long frizzy mane, and a bushy beard. He kisses her and runs away. She manages to get his phone number and reconnect with him. For weeks, they chat on the phone, until she bumps into Zorro, the exotic male dancer, at her friend’s bachelorette party—Damien again who kisses her senseless. But Denise is fed up with the jack of all trades, working long hours at low-paying jobs. She’ll have to break it off with him unless…

Determined to be worthy of her love, Damian set aside his resentment against discriminating lawyers. Clean cut and well-groomed, he applies to various firms, until he garners several interviews and finally lands the right position in the right firm.

Will his effort pay off? Or will he have to fight her friends and relatives to bring Denise into his arms?
No Vacation Plans is book 9 of Love Plans Series

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Family Plans available at Amazon A plane crash destroyed their lives. Can it bring them together despite the painful secrets it uncovered?  

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